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By Julie Janson
Duke Energy’s executive vice president of external affairs and president of the Carolinas region

Julie Janson

We have always embraced our responsibility to work closely with customers, colleagues, community organizations and others to learn from the past and plan, implement and secure a better future. The COVID-19 crisis is a sharp reminder that collaboration is a critical element for supporting the states where we operate, and now we’ve created a platform to help us transparently share and track progress toward our goals.

These priorities involve working to achieve our clean energy goals and lower carbon emissions, driving the resilience of our communities through ongoing investment and economic growth, and collaborating to modernize the way we do business. Generating Progress, with Duke Energy, is a platform for North Carolinians to have the information they need and opportunities to act on what’s important for the future of our state. Together, we strive to listen closely to the specific needs of communities so we can partner together to make progress on our commitments:

  • Reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030.
    • We have reduced CO2 emissions in the Carolinas by 39% since 2005, and plan to double our renewable portfolio within five years.
  • Donate approximately $20 million in Foundation grants to NC non-profits in 2020.
    • As of this April, we donated $9 million to charitable causes in NC in 2020, including $1.9 million in grants to non-profits for COVID-19 relief. 
  • Maintain a strong, resilient energy system.
    • We restored 95%+ of customers’ power in less than 48 hours after a major storm during the COVID-19 crisis and will do all we can to protect the state’s electricity infrastructure as we head into hurricane season.

Achieving these goals and other priorities takes much more than any one person, organization or business to accomplish. Our new platform gives those who are interested in clean energy, resiliency, local investment and economic growth in North Carolina the opportunity to join a community to act on these interests and make an even greater impact than any of us could alone. 

I’m excited for us to continue collaborating closely with and listening to a wide variety of communities and individuals across North Carolina to help accomplish these goals and secure a brighter energy future.