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Duke Energy’s recently updated climate strategy and carbon-reduction goals are remarkable in a few ways.

First, Duke Energy is the largest power generator in the U.S. to adopt a net-zero goal. The company pledges to cut emissions in half by 2030, the equivalent of taking more than 14 million vehicles off the road. The longer-term net-zero goal can be likened to taking more than 29 million vehicles off the road, equivalent to removing all the vehicle emissions in California, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia combined.

A variety of national and local leaders have expressed their support for these updated goals. Nationally, this includes groups like the Clean Air Task Force, Smart Electric Power Alliance, American Wind Energy Association, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, ClearPath and the American Council on Renewable Energy. 

The company will be working with customers, communities and other stakeholders in the states it serves to determine what energy mix and next steps make the most sense for them.

Community and business leaders in North Carolina, where Duke Energy is headquartered, have also voiced their backing and signed a letter of support for these initiatives. The board of directors of the N.C. League of Municipalities adopted this resolution expressing support in the company’s efforts to advance state and municipalities’ goals.

These updated goals come as part of a continued transition to cleaner energy for Duke Energy. Since 2010, it has retired nearly 6,200 megawatts of coal (49 units) with seven more units announced to retire by 2024. Customers will continue to be served through a diverse mix of growing renewables, flexible natural gas, zero-carbon nuclear and hydro and energy efficiency efforts.

Constructive dialogue and collaboration will be essential as the company moves forward in the states it serves to make these goals a reality, and we look forward to working with diverse stakeholders in the process.