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By Katherine Neebe
Vice President of National Engagement & Strategy
Chief Sustainability Officer

Today, Duke Energy is taking an important step in our efforts to provide insight into our political advocacy on climate change by releasing a report on the major trade associations with which we participate and how their views on climate align with ours.

The company has made great strides in our efforts to deliver a clean, reliable and affordable energy future for all customers. We've achieved deep cuts in our own emissions, set even higher aspirations, leveraged our resources and voice to help other sectors transform, and provided additional transparency into the company's climate views and strategy. Yet, we recognize that there is much work left to do – as a company, as an industry, across all sectors of the economy and around the world. After all, climate change is a global issue that requires purposeful and unifying leadership if we are to be successful in delivering the needed solutions.

Our climate strategy to achieve net-zero emissions is our business strategy. And vice versa. This strategy is a commitment that we have made to our customers, shareholders, communities and other key stakeholders, and they are now expecting us to deliver. Our public policy advocacy directly reflects that strategy and commitment.

Key catalysts of the clean energy transition will be durable public policies. They'll likely focus on a few key areas for our industry – transitioning electric generating fleets, expanding and improving the electric grid, and adopting new low-carbon and carbon-free technologies that will reduce emissions. We need to accomplish all these while keeping energy affordable and reliable for customers.

On the policy front, complex issues like climate change benefit from engagement, collaboration and partnership. The Duke Energy Trade Associations Climate Review report provides the reader with clear insight into:

  • Duke Energy's approach to governance and transparency
  • Duke Energy's view on effective climate policy
  • Engagement with each organization reviewed
  • Alignment with each organization reviewed

Carefully examining the associations we participate in is not a new practice for our company. Over the years, we have critically evaluated our memberships and engaged in national organizations that effectively represent our views as well as other key voices on climate policy. We have also advocated within those organizations for climate policies and activities to be in harmony with our climate objectives. While we may not always support each individual initiative of every organization we participate in, the current climate positions of the major trade associations reviewed in this new report are consistent with those of Duke Energy. We'll continue to evaluate and evolve our memberships as needed.

Duke Energy has transformed to meet the needs of our stakeholders for more than a century. We have adapted our business strategy to respond to the risks of climate change while upholding our obligation to provide reliable and affordable energy for our customers. We are committed to working tirelessly every day to advance these objectives as we execute our plans to deliver a clean energy future for millions of Americans.