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At Duke Energy, we have a responsibility to provide reliable, affordable and safe electricity for 23 million people in six states who depend on us every day to power their lives. 

It’s rewarding and meaningful work. Our 29,000 employees are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our customers, whether it’s working tirelessly during a storm to restore power, volunteering in our communities, or planning ahead to provide increasingly clean electricity.

As our President and CEO Lynn Good often says, the energy industry is undergoing an exciting and important transformation. We’re seeing incredible technological advancements, increased investments in renewable energy such as wind and solar, the modernization of power generation and delivery systems, and greater customer expectations. Through all of this, we remain steadfast in our commitment to building an energy future that makes America's electric system the most reliable, affordable and environmentally sensitive in the world.

As we work to improve operations and service, we’re always looking for better ways to connect with our customers, investors, elected officials, community leaders and organizations. We are committed to sharing important details about our work, as well as listening carefully and considering a variety of perspectives to more effectively provide the services and products you value and expect.

That’s what this new Duke Energy blog is all about. It is designed to keep you updated on important issues that impact our industry, our company and you. This is where we will share more detailed perspectives about a particular issue or approach–more than you might learn from a quote in a newspaper or a sound bite on TV or radio. You’ll hear from our company’s leaders and frontline issue experts. We’ll address our company’s policy positions and issues that are of particular interest to our customers.

But we also want to hear from you. For each post, we’ll offer the opportunity for you to submit your comments (please review our community guidelines) and provide ways for you to share content with your network of contacts.

We look forward to engaging with you through the Duke Energy blog. 

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Hi Darryl, Thanks for your comment. I can certainly understand how the issue you raise would be concerning. If you haven't already, please reach out to our customer service department, which should be able to help address your concern and answer any questions you have. That number is 800-777-9898. We hope this helps!
Sean Walsh February 17, 2016
I feel this company is a total scam. A vacant house with just a sump pump running is 75.00 and final bill is 164.16. That's crazy! I'm glad I have first energy! I will report this to the BBB
Darryll February 8, 2016