Duke Energy Indiana statement on IURC grid modernization order

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PLAINFIELD, IND. - Today, Duke Energy issued the following statement in response to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s May 8, 2015 denial of the company'’s Indiana grid modernization proposal:

We'’re still reviewing the order and considering our options, but we remain committed to making critically needed investments to modernize our system for the benefit of our customers. We expect to file with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission a revised plan that responds to the guidance given and the issues raised in the commission'’s order. This is one of the first times this new law has been interpreted, and it’s being clarified for all Indiana utilities at the commission and in the Indiana Court of Appeals.

This is an important initiative, and reliable energy depends on thousands of miles of power lines moving electricity from place to place. Our electric grid is aging and many components need to be updated and replaced.  There’'s also advanced technology now that can pinpoint power outages, speed service restoration and provide for better, faster communication with customers. We need to modernize our electric grid and bring our system into the 21st century. It'’s a plan that also generates jobs and investment in Indiana.