Reading remediation pays big dividends: Duke Energy donates $400,000 for Indiana youth reading programs

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. -- Again this year, the Duke Energy Foundation is investing approximately $400,000 in Indiana youth statewide to improve literacy, including helping maintain and improve reading levels over the summer.

"A child's ability to read at grade level is one of the strongest indicators of whether that child will succeed in school and in life," said Melody Birmingham-Byrd, Duke Energy state president for Indiana. "We are committed to supporting these summer reading programs that can give students the confidence they need to learn and grow."

In addition to school-year programs and reading summits, 18 Indiana schools are receiving grants ranging from approximately $6,000 to more than $25,000 for wide-ranging summer reading initiatives. (List of schools below.) The programs largely target students prior to third grade. Some examples include:

Monroe County Community Schools – An immersive summer remedial reading program for struggling readers completing first and second grades. The program will also provide an intensive summer reading camp for identified at-risk children to keep them moving forward in their skills.

Kokomo School Corporation – Will establish a four-week literacy camp for first- and second-grade students who are reading below grade level. The targeted students will receive a summer reading bag that includes 10 books and a "think sheet" for each book.

Facts on reading and education

According to The Literacy Project:

  • 20 percent of Americans read below the level needed to earn a living wage.
  • 50 percent of American adults cannot read a book written at the eighth-grade level.
  • Six out of 10 American households do not buy a single book in an entire year.
  • 85 percent of juvenile offenders have problems reading.

Schools receiving Duke Energy 2018 summer reading program grants include:

Clarksville Community School Corporation                            


Crawford County Community School Corporation                  


Decatur Community Schools                                                  


Eastwood Elementary School                                                  


Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools               


Greater Clark County Schools                                                  


Hamilton Heights School Corporation                                        


Kokomo School Corporation                                                       


Lafayette School Corporation                                                       


MSD Martinsville Schools                                                             


Milan Community Schools Corporation                                     


MSD of North Posey County                                                        


New Castle Community School Corporation                             


North Knox School Corporation                                                   


North Lawrence Community Schools                                         


Salem Community Schools Corporation                                    


South Vermillion Community Schools                                       


Vigo County School Corporation                                                 



Duke Energy Foundation

The Duke Energy Foundation provides philanthropic support to address needs vital to the health of our communities. Annually, the foundation funds approximately $2 million in charitable grants in Indiana. The Foundation's investment priorities include K-to-career education, environment and community impact.

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