Duke Energy customers surpass 1 terawatt-hour of energy savings through My Home Energy Report Program

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  • First program in the world to reach the milestone

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Duke Energy's customers find there's no place like 'My Home' by surpassing 1 terawatt-hour in energy savings through the company's My Home Energy Report (MyHER) Program.

MyHER provides residential customers with a meaningful look at their energy use compared to similar homes based on age, size, location and heating source in nearby homes.

Launched in 2010, the program is the first of its kind in the world to hit the 1 terawatt-hour milestone – that's enough energy to light more than 1 million homes for a year.

"The cleanest power plant is the one that doesn't need to be built," said Kelly Kuehn, Duke's senior product and services manager. "With the MyHER report, our customers receive targeted insights that help them take action to reduce their energy consumption. The results have been remarkable."

1 terawatt-hour is enough power to:

  • Cool 500,000 homes for a full year
  • Light over 1 million homes for a year
  • Fully power 70,000 homes for a year

Homeowners receive a MyHER report eight times a year with personalized recommendations to save power. Participants' MyHER energy-saving impacts are measured annually through a third party evaluation, measurement and verification.

While the program originally started as a mailer, reports are now also available online with additional changes expected as new technology is available.  

Duke Energy started the MyHER program in partnership with Tendril, a data analytics software company that works with energy providers to better engage customers.

"MyHER is the most effective behavioral home energy savings program in the world. The technology empowers consumers to make informed decisions to reduce their usage," said Adrian Tuck, CEO for Tendril.

"We've worked with our customers to identify the best ways to share information and recommendations on how to save power," added Kuehn. "We look forward to incorporating new technologies into the program and expanding its scope."

To learn more about the MyHER program, go to: http://www.duke-energy.com/homereport.

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About Tendril

Tendril delivers personalized energy experiences for consumers around the world. Leading energy providers that want to establish a competitive advantage rely on our software and solutions to better acquire, engage and activate their customers. To do this we employ the latest in energy science and data analytics to unveil a complete understanding of the individual consumer, including their unique needs and propensities to act. With this granular understanding we help our customers unlock the true value of energy interactions. For more information, please visit www.tendrilinc.com or follow us on Twitter at @Tendril.